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Improving Profitability From Packaging

Improving profitability from packaging involves optimising your packaging processes, reducing costs, enhancing product presentation, and potentially increasing customer satisfaction. 

At Amphorea Packaging we are engaged in your business and one of our main focuses is to improve your profitability when using our services. Our dedicated account managers are an extension of your business and they are invested heavily in your success. 

Here are some strategies to consider when improving profitability:

Material Selection

We carefully select cost-effective packaging materials that provide adequate protection and presentation without going over your budget.

Volume Discounts

Negotiate with manufacturers for bulk purchasing to secure better pricing. This is then passed down to our customers. We are ideally placed to provide you with the best pricing in the market. If in doubt, contact our sales team to find out just how much you can save. 

Efficient Design

We optimise packaging design to minimise material usage while maintaining product protection. Giving you a standout product that is tailored to your requirements while meeting the highest of standards.


We have standardised packaging options to reduce the need for custom manufacturing. This is provided across our whole range of products and can be scaled up or down based on your requirements. Only with Amphorea do you get flexibility across an entire product catalogue. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We carefully consider environmentally friendly packaging options. Eco-conscious consumers often prefer brands that use sustainable materials. Especially with the rise of plastic packaging taxes, in some cases it is more cost effective to use rPET or PCR in the place of virgin materials. Eco-friendly packaging can also reduce waste disposal costs and appeal to a wider audience. So, increasing sales while decreasing costs. 

Streamlined Packaging Processes

Automation plays a large role in the operation of Amphorea and we invest heavily to increase speed and accuracy of our dispatch times. All of our staff are fully trained on the packaging materials to ensure that you are always given the best advice with regards to your products. .

Reduce Packaging Waste

We minimise excess packaging to save on material costs and reduce waste. We use smart packaging designs that fit products snugly to reduce the need for filler materials. All of our products are delivered on pallets and are as economical as possible. 

Branding and Presentation

Packaging is a powerful branding tool. Investing in eye-catching, unique packaging that enhances your brand’s identity provides you with long term goodwill value. Did you know Amphorea Packaging has its own branding team? When partnering with them, you have access to our unique resources.

Packaging Customisation   

We can curate, develop and execute custom packaging options for premium products or for customers willing to pay more for a unique experience. This provides you with a unique value proposition Vs your competitors.

Supply Chain Integration  

We work closely with all customers to optimise packaging materials and delivery schedules to minimise costs and disruptions. We are an extension of your company so our main aim is to create a seamless experience for all of our customers. 

Cost Analysis

We regularly review your packaging costs and identify areas where you can make cost-saving changes. Be this a change of material, design, scope or any other consideration. Always remember, when we make a suggestion, we always have your best interests at heart. 

Efficient Inventory Management

We maintain a large inventory of packaging products to reduce your storage costs and minimise the risk of waste or damages. We hold the stock and deliver when you need it. Our just in time supply chains are industry leading and will ensure your business keep growing. 

Collaboration with Packaging Experts

Packaging is what we live and breathe! We are experts within our field and offer our consultation services as an extra. We are invested in you and your business, which means when you succeed, so do we.

Marketing and Promotion

Use packaging as a promotional tool by adding QR codes, special offers, or informative content to engage customers and encourage repeat business. This can be done very easily and all of our products can be easily branded. We are currently the largest multichannel packaging provider in the UK with extensive experience working in the marketing and promotional space. 

Remember that the specific strategies you should implement will depend on your industry, products, and target market. Regularly assess your packaging processes and costs to ensure ongoing improvements in profitability.

Amphorea has over 75 years worth of experience when it comes to Improving Profitability From Packaging. When partnering with us you can gain valuable insight into how to develop your packaging solutions to improve profitability. All of these qualities you will find with Amphorea Packaging

If you have any specific questions regarding our products or or service, please contact our account managers via email on [email protected] or call or team on 0161 367 9093. 


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