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Omnichannel Retailing

You may or may not be aware that Amphorea LTD is not only one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of rigid packaging, but it is also the largest Omnichannel Retailers of packaging in Europe.

When we say Omnichannel, what do we actually mean? Well, Omnichannel retail is a strategy in which retailers engage customers through multiple digital and physical touch points. As customers move across these channels, applications and data move with them. This creates a consistent, on-brand experience from start to finish.

We may look like a traditional supplier of packaging but our reach is much wider than most people would expect, and some of our brand names are probably some of the most well known in the UK. 

Our website is an online portal where you can view and buy our products, but just like your business, we have developed and crafted our offering to ensure that it is found by a relevant consumer at the point of need. 

Not everyone needs or can use a full pallet or load of a specific packaging option. Some people like to rely on a just in time supply method when it comes to their packaging supplies. There is where other arms of our business come into play. 

So, how do we do it? Quite simply through hard work and constant learning. With the Amphorea Group we have many different arms which you may or may not be aware of. Let’s start with our sister company Ampulla. 

Ampulla was founded in 2006 when it became clear that packaging is required in all quantities not just in pallets and full loads. We are sure that you have heard of Ampulla, as there presence online is extensive. The products they sell are the same as ours, yet they are marketed differently due to the consumer being different. While we concentrate on traditional product placement, they adapt the offering to a range of customers who buy smaller quantities.

If we look at our glass dropper bottles which can be purchased by the pallet, they are standardised by size and cap type. However being one of the leading Omnichannel retailers of packaging our retail sites are differentiated quite a lot to ensure we capitalise on market share. For example, Ampulla has our range of Dropper Bottles, but they also have Beard Oil Bottles & Skincare bottles. But the best thing is, these products are the same. Our dropper bottles can be rebranded as any specific bottle name you like. Just like we do with our Ampulla channel. 

We also have a range of other products which have been specifically researched to a specific market and placed accordingly. The range from Wide Neck Jars, Juice Bottles & much more. 

Omnichannel Retailing

There are also other aspects of our business where we continue to push the boundaries and they include other channels on a range of different platforms. You may have come across Ideon which specialises in cosmetic and beauty or Glass Bottles, which as you guessed is a targeted store specifically for Glass Products. 

Amphorea also has a range of smaller online stores where we have specific products targeted to a specific market place. These include Aluminium Bottles, Jerry Cans, Juice Bottles and even a dedicated Cap website

As an organisation we understand that a market is constantly moving. Consumer tastes and demands change not only seasonally but on a daily basis and this is something we are prepared for. When you become a partner with Amphorea, you have exclusive access to our teams which gives you targeted advice not only on omnichannel retailing but marketing your business in general.

To learn more about how our products can be adapted to increase your market share and improve profitability contact our sales team now. Not only are we confident we will streamline your operation and decrease costs, our additional services can add real value to your organisation.

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