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Sustainable Packaging

The world is changing and the race to carbon zero has started. The hunt for sustainable packaging is now required for all businesses who wish to have a longer term carbon neutral strategy.

The use of virgin plastics, while still widely used globally, have seen a decline in recent years as large corporations and small businesses alike turn to a sustainable packaging solution. So, how do you start this journey and how does it impact you?

Firstly, to start your journey, you need to have a packaging supplier which is in line with your business goals and aspirations. Simply rehashing the same old products time and time again limits innovation and provides limited value within a supply chain..

We have developed a comprehensive selection of products in either rPET or PCR plastic to enable you to transition with ease. Be this Recycled Plastic Juice Bottles or PCR HDPE Bottles. This not only gives you choice but also an additional USP to add to your company or brand.

Our dedicated account managers are experts in transitioning our customers from Virgin plastics to a sustainable option. With over 75 years of industry experience, we are able to navigate this path with you to find a solution that not only becomes more sustainable but provides actual brand value over time.

The migration to sustainable packaging has many advantages, which are not only surrounding costs. The introduction of the plastic packaging tax makes any items of predominantly plastic by weight liable for a tax. Over time, we should find that virgin plastic becomes more expensive as the world catches up with the UK.

Another advantage is the goodwill value this provides to your organisation or brand. Already, large corporations such as Coke & Nestle, have already started the migration to rPET bottles due to public demand. As the consumer moves to a more eco-friendly focus, business will follow. While transitioning can be a large undertaking for brands, the simple matter is that moving to a sustainable packaging solution is inevitable.

If you require assistance in your move to a sustainable packaging solution, then our dedicated account managers can overview this with you. Simply call 0161 367 1414.


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