Multipurpose Small Plastic Buckets You Can Rely On

Multipurpose Small Plastic Buckets You Can Rely On

Multipurpose Small Plastic Buckets You Can Rely On />

When most people think of buckets, they think of building sites and interior decorators, where massive buckets are full of paint, gravel and paste. But small plastic buckets are great for plenty of other outdoor purposes! They are great for industries that operate on both small and large scales, such as:

  • Farming
  • Gardening
  • Building
  • Fishing

Take a look at our popular small plastic buckets below to see how they can assist you in your business.

Animal Feed

Keeping animals fed and watered is obviously a massive part of the job of farming. Small plastic buckets are ideal for filling with animal feed when you’re doing the rounds, or for leaving in the animals' pens as a water bowl. The strong handles on our buckets help you to transport heavy loads around easily and each bucket also comes complete with a lid to keep feed fresh when needed. The two small plastic buckets below are both food grade approved, so they are safe for storing edible items, but please do not fill with hot food that is above around 80 degrees Celsius, as this will distort the shape of the buckets.

As well as carrying around animal feed in, we think that they’d be suitable for:

  • Storing veterinary medications;
  • Keeping cleaning products in;
  • Laying out water in;
  • Collecting eggs.

Our 1.5 GL White Bucket is made from a long lasting and durable polypropylene copolymer that is difficult to break or damage – making it perfect for use around unpredictable farm animals! Alternatively we have our 2.5L Black Bucket, which as well as being food grade approved, is also chemical grade approved.


Small plastic buckets are very useful in the pursuit of gardening, whether you’re a home gardening products retailer or a home gardener yourself. As well as being able to pack and carry gardening essentials, you can even turn empty buckets into plant pots…

Our 0.5L MF White Pot is the ideal size for packaging plant feed and weed killer that is due to be sold to the masses in home and garden centres. It has smooth, plain white sides and a lid, which are ideal for you to add your branded labels and stickers to. Our larger 10L White Rectangular Bucket is more suitable for gardening products that you need a larger quantity of, such as fertilisers and top soil. The strong metal handle make sit easier for to you carry these heavier loads, with the plastic roller grip adding extra comfort. Both of these buckets have tamper-evident lids, which give your customers peace of mind that their product has not been tampered with.

If you’re a company that manufactures and retails gardening products, our buckets are great for packaging the following:

  • Weed killers;
  • Fertilisers;
  • Plant feed;
  • Compost.

Aside from retailing commercial gardening products in these buckets, your end users can also use them as DIY plant pots to grow plants, vegetables or herbs! All they have to do is make some drainage holes at the base of the bucket to replicate a ceramic plant pot, and then plant their produce as normal.


All anglers know that buckets play a huge role in their sport or pastime; where else are you going to keep your bait or caught fish?  Our small plastic buckets are ideal for packaging fishing baits such as pellets, worms, maggots and more. Just make sure that you create aeration holes in the buckets if you are using live bait. 

As well as being suitable for packaging baits, these buckets can be used in other areas of fishing:

  • Fill with water to place the small fish that you have caught in, before releasing them back into the water;
  • Placing caught crabs in when crabbing with children.

Why Choose Small Plastic Buckets From Amphorea?

Here at Amphorea, we specialise in distributing bulk quantities of packaging. All of our items are priced per pallet, of which the number of units varies depending on the size of the items. If you haven’t seen an item that suits your needs on this post, please do take a look through our extensive range of plastic buckets, or feel free to give our knowledgeable team a call on 0161 367 9093 to discuss your options.

Get in touch and we’ll find the quantity and price to suit you!