10.4L Buckets With Red Lids - Now Reduced To Clear!

10.4L Buckets With Red Lids - Now Reduced To Clear!

10.4L Buckets With Red Lids - Now Reduced To Clear! />

Get fantastic savings on our 10.4 Litre White Buckets with Red IHS Lids! These versatile little buckets are perfect for use in many different industries: from DIY and construction to mass foodstuffs and non-hazardous chemicals! We’ve now reduced the price of these buckets by a massive 18%, with further discounts of up to 15% available when you buy in bulk quantities!


These attractive buckets come in 2 different varieties: with a metal handle or a plastic handle.

But why choose our red lids?

Who wants a standard black lid when you can have a stunning red one? Dare to be different with these bright red lids, which each come fitted with an IHS (induction heat seal) liner. This liner needs to be applied using a specialist tool that apples heat to the liner and causes it to form a seal over the neck of the bucket which, as well as keeping the product inside fresh, also gives your end users peace of mind about the integrity of the product.

Other benefits:

  • They look daring and different;
  • They’re eye-catching for customers;
  • They’re currently cheaper than our alternatives!

The metal handle on our 10.4 Litre White Bucket includes a handy roller grip to make it more comfortable for you to carry heavy loads. We think that this bucket would be perfect for packaging red paints, or even cleaning substances (with the red lid acting as part of a warning to not handle with bare skin). This bucket is food grade approved, so you can also store ingredients in them safely. Click here to take a further look.

The plastic handle on our alternative 10.4 Litre White Bucket is made from strong white PP plastic, to match the colour of the bucket itself. The lids of the buckets are tamper evident, so that your end user has to break the seal in order to open the lid which can then not be resealed. Alongside the IHS liner, this feature helps to prevent contamination of your product before it reaches the customer, whilst also giving the customer peace of mind! Click here to take a further look.

Give our team a call on 0161 367 9093 for more information – they are reduced to clear, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

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