Brand Spotlight: Dijkstra Plastic Buckets

Brand Spotlight: Dijkstra Plastic Buckets

Brand Spotlight: Dijkstra Plastic Buckets />

It's time to shine a spotlight on one of our great brands: Dijkstra Plastics. They are one of Europe's leading plastic bucket manufacturers and have been in the industry for over 35 years so you can be sure that they know what they're doing! Let us talk you through a few of the reasons why we think you'll benefit from using these buckets in your business.

They're Versatile

These buckets can be used for a wide range of products; from chemicals and pharmaceuticals to food and gardening products! Paint, paste, toiletries, animal feed, home brewed beer... all of this can be stored in a Dijkstra bucket! 

They're Sustainable

Dijkstra are committed to sustainability and this is reflected through their manufacturing methods. All of their buckets are 100% recyclable and the company uses the minimum amount of energy needed to make them. They are made using polypropylene; a type of plastic that is food grade approved and meets the highest standards of international packaging guidelines.

They're Tamper Evident

As standard, all Dijkstra buckets come with tamper evident push-down lids, which give your customers peace of mind about the integrity of the product they have bought. This is also useful during mass transportation where these buckets may be bumped or tossed accidentally, where the tamper evident seal protects against leakage and outside contamination. 

They're Easy To Transport

Every bucket (aside from the 1 litre models) come with a handle so you can easily manoeuvre them, even when they are filled with heavy substances. The handles are made from metal, for maximum strength and durability.

They Come In Many Sizes

We currently stock buckets that range from half a litre right up to a massive 30 litres. We also have a variety of colours on offer, with black buckets on offer as well as standard white buckets with distinctive red lids.

Like what you've heard? Check out our full range of Dijkstra buckets today and find the perfect solution for your business by clicking here.