Best Jam Jars For This Jamming Season

Best Jam Jars For This Jamming Season

Best Jam Jars For This Jamming Season />

It’s jamming season! The best fruit is now ripe for picking and creating tasty jams and chutneys with, but how can you make sure that your jam stays fresh? This is especially important if you are selling your jam to a wide market where it needs to be served in optimum condition to your consumers for health and safety reasons.

Here at Amphorea, we think that we’ve go the perfect packaging for your jams to pack in all that fruity freshness. We've got a few useful tips for you to make the most out of your jams!

1. Use Screw Top Lids

Usually when you make jam, you would need to buy additional wax discs that you place on top of your jam jars in order to keep your jams fresh while they are setting and cooling. However, with an airtight screw top lid, this just isn’t necessary!

Screw top lids are the perfect lids for jam jars, as they provide an airtight seal that packs in all the freshness of your jam whilst it cools. Best of all, we have a variety of lid colours that you can choose from to match your product branding! Our black, silver and gold lids give a professional edge to your brand of jam and it is extremely easy to add your own stickers to the top to make the jars your own!

2. Sterilize Your Jars

Before you start to pot your jam, you will need to make sure that your jam jars are sterilized. This is extremely important, because if there are even a few cells of bacteria lingering in a jar, that can soon spread and multiply in your jams due to the high sugar content that will feed them!

It is very easy to sterilize your glass jars; simply wash them in hot, soapy water and rinse. Then heat your oven to 140 degrees Celsius , place the jars on a baking tray and leave them in there until they dry completely. If you are using rubber lined lids, you will need to boil the rubber lining in hot water rather than bake them, as dry heat can cause damage to the seal.

3. Choose From A Variety Of Jars

Here at Amphorea, we have plenty of glass jars in all shapes and sizes for you to choose from, which are all compatible with our twist off caps.

Sample Sizes: We have 2 jars that are suitable for product samples and can also be used as part of gift sets, which are the 30ml (1oz) Mini Jam Jar and the 41ml (1.5oz) Mini Jam Jar. They are also the ideal size for using in breakfast catering at hotels and restaurants. 

Medium Sized Jars: We have plenty of standard size jam jars to pick from, but our most popular are the 190ml Clear Glass Jar and the 190ml Clear Glass Jar (E), on which we boast the best prices in the UK!

Large Sized Jars: Our glass jam jars go up to 370ml capacities. Our 212ml Glass Chutney Jar is a traditional chutney jar shape but is more than suitable for stroing jams as well. Next up is the 314ml Clear Glass Tao Jar which features distinctive straight sides with a large neck, and finally we have the 370ml Clear Glass Jar (E) which is the largest jar in our collection.

Unusually-Shaped Jars: If you're looking for a more uniquely-shaped jar than our standard round jars, we have a fantastic collection of hexagonal glass jars which range from 45ml to 280ml capacities. They're great for helping your brand of jam stand out on the shelves.

Make sure to browse our full range of jam jars in our Glass Food Jar and our Hexagonal Jar sections.