Benefits Of Induction Heat Sealed Lids

Benefits Of Induction Heat Sealed Lids

Benefits Of Induction Heat Sealed Lids />

Induction Heat Sealed Lids (IHS) are foil seals that form a hermetic lining over the top of plastic containers such as bottles, tubs and buckets. These foil seals are included as part of a closure. Usually the liner consists of an aluminium foil sheet topped with a paper pulp, which adds extra strength to the seal.

Why do some products need Induction Heat Sealed Lids?

  • They are tamper evident and give customers peace of mind about their purchase;
  • They prevent leakage;
  • They retain your product’s freshness for longer.

All of these benefits make IHS lids a useful feature for products where contamination prevention is paramount, such as pasteurised milk, chemicals, medicines and pharmaceuticals. In order to form the IHS seal, you will need a heat-sealing machine. The foil liner cannot be sealed again once it has been broken into, and the product will be exposed to the elements. 

Here at Amphorea, we currently sell IHS lids with two of our buckets: the 10.4 Litre White Bucket With Plastic Handle and the 10.4 Litre White Bucket With Metal Handle. They are fantastic buckets for storing DIY materials such as paints and pastes, as well as non-hazardous chemicals due to their large capacity and strong plastic bases. Sold in pallet quantities of 440 and 450 units for just £577.78.

Just input the term 'IHS' into our search bar to find all of our products that come with induction heat sealed lids.