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Pharmaceutical Packaging

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Pharmaceutical Packaging

Amphorea stock a wide range of Pharmaceutical Packaging to suit your business needs. Our just in time supply chains and never out of stock policy ensures that your business will continue to grow.

Glass Pharmapac Jars

‘Pharmapac’ jars are high quality, pharmaceutical standard glass jars, manufactured from type III (soda-lime) glass, which has strong chemical resistance. The jars are available in clear (for optimal product clarity) or amber (for protection from UV light), all with screw on black urea caps. Each urea cap has a PVDC lining, to help keep contents fresh and minimise leakage. The 200ml amber Pharmapac jar is an exception, as it comes with a white R3 screw cap, which has a wadded liner.

Plastic Pharmapac Jars

Pharmapac jars are high quality, high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic pharmaceutical containers. These lightweight, yet robust opaque white plastic containers are food grade approved, as well as having good chemical resistance. Although intended for use with tablets, capsules and caplets, they are also suitable for various powders (chemicals, pigments etc), food additives, samples and other products. Pharmapac containers provide an excellent moisture barrier and temperature protection.

Glass Sirop Bottles

Our clear and amber glass ‘Sirop’ (traditional medicine style) bottles are made by a leading pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer, according to strict industry regulations. Each bottle is made from type III (soda-lime) glass, which is a strong, trusted glass that’s suitable for use with common chemicals, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and herbal medicines. This style of bottle is ideal for traditional medicines, but can also be relied upon for many different modern day solutions. The amber glass ‘Sirop’ bottles offer additional protection from potentially damaging UV light, which is ideal for light sensitive products.

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