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Food Packaging

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Food Packaging

Amphorea stock a wide range of Food Packaging to suit your business needs. Our just in time supply chains and never out of stock policy ensures that your business will continue to grow.

Glass Food Jars

Our glass food jars have been selected for their high quality build, being made from strong clear (flint) glass, and their versatility, being suitable for a wide range of foods. Each glass jar comes with a choice of twist off metal lid, with most jars having a black, gold or silver lid option. Each twist off lid contains a rubber lining, suitable for acidic products, which creates an airtight seal to help preserve foods. Starting with our miniature 30ml (1oz) glass jam jar, we have a range of jar sizes to choose from, right up to the 370ml glass jars. As well as the traditional round glass food jars, we also offer some unique shaped glass jars for high end products, limited edition foods or modern branding.

Sauce Bottles & Spice Jars

This selection of high quality plastic food containers includes essential packaging for catering companies, busy kitchens and food and drink producers. The containers in this range are made from either high quality polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or high density polyethylene (HDPE), both of which are food grade plastics.

Plastic Food Tubs

Our range of shaped plastic food tubs includes a selection of ice cream and salad tubs that are used by well-known international brands. These high quality tubs are made from natural (translucent) polypropylene, which is a robust, food grade plastic. Polypropylene is suitable for freezing and microwaving and it is also recyclable. Most tubs come with tamper evident push on lids, to prevent food from the risk of contamination during storage and transportation.

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