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Chemical Packaging

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Chemical Packaging

Amphorea stock a wide range of Chemical Packaging to suit your business needs. Our just in time supply chains and never out of stock policy ensures that your business will continue to grow.

Stackable Plastic Jerry Can Containers

Our stackable containers are similar to our jerrycan range, with three main advantages; they are available in larger sizes, they can be stacked to save on space and they are UN approved for use with hazardous chemicals. These large industrial containers are manufactured from extrusion blow-moulded high molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is food grade approved. All stackable containers come with a tamper evident screw cap, in either Din45, Din51 or Din61 size, depending on the container capacity. The tamper evident seal ensures product security and reassurance for the end user.

UN Plastic Buckets

Our UN certified plastic buckets are manufactured by leading packaging specialists, who supply to some of the world’s leading multinational corporations. These high quality, durable containers are used across many different industries. Strict quality control regulations are followed in the production process of these UN buckets, ensuring that they are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

These UN buckets are suitable for storing and transporting hazardous chemicals, foods and many other products and materials. Available in sizes starting at 5 litres, up to 25 litres, these robust buckets are made from white high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. Each bucket comes with a self-sealing tamper evident lid and an insulating gasket inside the rim, for a secure, airtight seal. The buckets are also stackable, to save on storage space.

Plastic HDPE Bottles

Our high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottles are versatile enough to be used for a vast array of solutions, across many different industries. HDPE is a lightweight, yet robust, impact resistant plastic which is food grade approved and provides a good moisture barrier and excellent cold temperature protection for products, as well as being recyclable. Most of our HDPE plastic bottles come in natural, which enables the product fill level to be seen, while some bottles are available in opaque white plastic.

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