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What Is A Just-In-Time Supply Chain – And How Can It Benefit You?

When it comes to managing, storing and ordering your inventory, there’s a lot to think about. From taking deliveries to accommodating new stock to ensuring you meet safety standards, there are a huge variety of tasks to consider when you’re organising your warehouse management. And this is where a just-in-time supply chain can help.

What is a just-in-time supply chain?

The just-in-time supply chain system is a way of maximising efficiency in a company’s warehouse or factory. Companies using this system order stock or materials only when they’re needed for production or to fulfil orders, meaning they’re storing fewer inventory items for a shorter period of time. When the stock arrives, it can be moved almost immediately into the production process or sent out to customers.

How does this improve efficiency?

Less stock on site means smaller warehouses, simplified stock management and easier picking and packing of goods. With smaller warehouses and more goods packaged each day, you’re maximising the capabilities of your staff – so more orders can be fulfilled quickly and correctly. Research suggests fast delivery is vital for the majority of UK customers, so running a smooth, efficient warehouse is sure to lead to returning buyers.

What are the benefits for your customers?

A well-implemented just-in-time supply chain means faster, smoother deliveries for your customers, but the benefits don’t end there. Lower warehousing costs mean you can pass your savings onto your customers, either by offering lower prices or regular sales. If your customers run a business themselves, they’ll also benefit from the efficiency of the just-in-time supply chain system for the same reasons as you!

At Amphorea, we employ a just-in-time strategy to ensure we have the right stock ready to ship just when you need it. All our packaging is sold in wholesale pallet quantities, so you can get fantastic value on plastic and glass bottles and jars. To place a bulk order or find out more, call our team on 0161 367 9093.


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