Why Eco-Friendly Packaging Is The Future

Why Eco-Friendly Packaging Is The Future
In today’s world, having eco-friendly packaging is important to many consumers. It’s not only enough to have a fantastic product; people want to know that your company is socially responsible before they spend their hard-earned money on your goods. How can you make your packaging more eco-friendly? Read on... read more

Glass ointment jars for high value pharmaceuticals

At Amphorea, we only supply industry standard, reliable and robust containers that look great as well as being functional. Our glass ointment jars are no exception, being manufactured to strict quality standards, by pharmaceutical packaging specialists. The jars are made from strong clear or amber glass, with amber glass offering protection against UV rays... read more

UN specification SDO cans - packaging for dangerous goods

Our SDO cans are part of our range of UN specification packaging. They are suitable for hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods. These containers have been tested against dropping, stacking, pressure and leakage, according to UN packaging standards... read more

Wholesale plastic catering containers

Following on from last week’s feature on convenience food packaging, we thought it appropriate to introduce you to our extensive range of disposable catering containers. Whether you’re in the event catering business, you distribute to delicatessens and fast food establishments or you produce takeaway sandwiches and salads, you’ll find our catering packaging useful and reliable for your business... read more

Plastic food tubs - convenient food packaging

As the lives of consumers generally become busier and more of their time is spent ‘on-the-go’, the demand for disposable takeaway food packaging is constantly growing. Plastic food tubs are the staple of the convenience food packaging industry, and with good reason. Our plastic food tubs are the safe, convenient choice... read more

Affordable glass juice bottles for superior quality drinks

One of the common reasons that people choose plastic juice bottles over glass ones is that glass tends to be much more expensive. However, our budget ‘Frescor’ glass juice bottles are more affordable than you might think... read more