Glass wine bottles - professional drinks packaging

With more and more English wine being produced and sold, those of you in the industry will realise the importance of having quality glass bottles to sell your wine in. That’s where we come in... read more

Glass jars with a difference

Although our huge range of industry standard shaped bottles, jars, buckets, jerrycans, stackable containers and drums are all very nice, sometimes it’s good to go against the grain with packaging that looks a bit different. In fact, some of our new glass jars look very different, so if you want to create a unique product that will definitely stand out on the shelf, you’re in luck... read more

New! Premium cylindrical PET jars

Premium quality sleek, stylish plastic jars don’t need to come at a premium price. Just take a look at our new straight walled cylindrical PET jars... read more

Our cheapest ever glass food jars!

Using glass for packaging food products has many benefits. Glass is often seen as an expensive, heavy yet fragile material, but we beg to differ. You won’t find these jars cheaper anywhere else in the UK. read more

Premium quality buckets by Protech

Amphorea are proud to supply buckets by Protech Performance Plastics – one of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in Europe. The buckets are made from robust white polypropylene plastic. They're food grade and are suitable for a wide range of materials, including: paints, coatings, resins, adhesives, detergents, foods, oils and greases, sand, DIY materials, pesticides, fishing baits, animal feed and more. read more

New glass juice bottles - budget friendly quality

At Amphorea we appreciate that many businesses have tight budgets to adhere to, which is why we make every effort to source economical packaging. In keeping with this, we have just added two new budget friendly glass juice bottles to our product range. read more